We seek to invest, co-invest and add values into small and medium businesses in various sectors to capitalize on opportunities arising from Vietnam’s fast open economic development progress. We prefer businesses those play the strengths of Vietnam - favorable demographics and macroeconomics factors such as young, big and growing population (expected to reach 100mil by 2020), fast growing disposable middle class population and income, high GDP growth, fast urbanization progress, stabilized fiscal and monetary policies, competitive labor costs, high FDI inflows…                    

Investment Management

We believe the sustainable and consistent superior values would come mainly from the real economic value addition being created in each investment. Therefore we apply an active and combined private equity investment and corporate holdings management approach to our investments, optimizing our team’ sophisticated financial, operational management skill sets and strong networks.

M&A and Management Consulting service

With a combination of international sophisticated financials, investment and restructuring skills plus the strong, wide networks with local businesses and decision makers, we believe our team can add significant values to both investors and enterprises to achieve their goals.